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workforce performance and protection technology

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Workplace management at your fingertips

Vault Solo is designed to manage the performance and protection of your workforce, no matter where they are in the world. Protect what matters with a complete ecosystem of intelligence-backed tools designed to give your people and business the assurance they need to do what they do best. Here’s how:

1 locate


Identify and locate your people, no matter where they are.

2 connect


Make communication across multiple teams or locations a breeze.

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Real-time protection against collisions, falls, and dangerous situation.

4 perform


Lift productivity with data insights into your workforce performance.

COVID-19 Resources
and Information

We’re dedicated to keeping your business safe in times of crisis. Find out how you can coordinate, manage and protect your workforce, including Contact Tracing with us.

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Vault Solo has the workforce management solutions for any team – let’s get started.

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Site Check-ins & Geofencing

Keeping track of hundreds of workers made easy. Vault Solo makes sure you know where everyone is, always. Geofencing and easy site check-ins facilitate essential contact tracing, site security, and response team alerts.

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Analyse Data Insights

Vault Solo takes the guesswork out of data analytics. Get the trends and benchmarking you need to boost workplace performance. Identify and increase time-on-task, use location tracking to optimise task allocation, and more.

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Automatic Panic Alerts

It only takes a split second for things to go wrong. Respond immediately when your team needs it with automatic fall and vehicle collision detection. Identify abnormal biometrics and let workers raise duress alerts.

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Dynamic Communications

Communicate with your teams as if you’re right by their side. Send bulk notifications to individuals, teams, or locations and get real-time updates from the field. Send surveys, documents, and more all while backed by read receipts.

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“With Vault, our staff feel safer. It has allowed us to bring to life health and safety in a way that is really interactive for our staff.’’

- Barry Helem, CEO of SPCA Canterbury

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