Vault Audit

Audit more efficiently, from anywhere

Seamlessly complete your audits and investigations while completely mobile in the field.


In the field mobility

Plan and scope your audit from the office and then complete your investigation while out in the field.


View all your findings on any audit or investigation in one place using Vault Audit's comprehensive dashboard.

Visual Context

Mark up your sketches and images using notes, comments, symbols and diagrams.
Plan a seamless Audit

Plan a seamless audit

  • Choose from our pre-designed, international standard templates or create your own.

  • Assign users and record their accountabilities.

  • Record the location, scope, purpose and objective of the audit.

  • Add terms of reference, parameters, assumptions and more to the audit plan.


Start your audit with ease

  • Easily identify audit questions that need completion and track your progress.

  • Add levels of compliance to your criteria.

  • Record your findings, including positive events, corrective actions, non-conformances and comments.

  • Easily add findings to the executive summary.

  • Use weighted scoring to get a more accurate view of how your criterion meets compliance levels.


Check the status of your audit

  • Notify relevant people on the go of any actions or non-conformances.

  • Check the status of the audit as you are completing it.

  • Edit and sketch photos on the spot.

  • Skip ahead to relevant parts of the audit as you are completing it.


Review your audit in detail

  • Generate detailed reports easily, including executive summaries, audit findings and actions.

  • View expense reports to understand the cost of the audit.

  • Use dashboards to view in-progress, completed and upcoming audits.

  • Cloud-based and available both online and offline.


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