VAULT Notify: The mobile notification and alert app

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Capture information

Take photos and record information relating to incidents, events and hazards.

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Immediately notify

Send out alerts of an event or situation and get feedback in an instant.

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Accurately report

Authentication ensures accurate, responsive reporting, including critical information and imagery.

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Capture the right information, the right away

  • Capture detailed information on injuries, illnesses and incidents in real time, including primary and secondary injuries.

  • Record the who, what, why and how of events, directly from your mobile.

  • Use photos, timestamps and GPS location to illustrate your records.

Take a preventative approach

  • Capture the right information in real time so that hazards can be rectified quickly to prevent incidents from occurring.

  • Empower your employees to identify hazards, record observations and contribute to a culture of safety.

  • Drive accountability by giving your people access to the tools needed to keep themselves safe.


Vault Notify - GPS tracking
Vault Notify - schedule notifications


Corrective actions & feedback loops

  • Be notified instantly when you receive corrective actions.

  • Update the action once completed and alert the right parties with a touch of a button.

  • Assign actions to staff and promote accountability.

  • Open the lines of communication by sending and receiving valuable feedback.

Accessible and easy to use

  • Cloud based and available both online and offline.

  • Easy for any skill level to use.

  • Data automatically plugs into the back end of Vault so you can carry out investigations if required.





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