Workers are never alone with Vault Solo

The most powerful, versatile safety solution for remote or lone workers.


Vault Solo keeps lone workers connected, visible and safer.

  • Stay ahead of potential dangers rather than reacting to them
  • Stop relying on worker SMS and Email check ins
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual systems
  • Prevent costly incidents and better manage risk

Connected, Integrated and Live

From the office to the field, Vault Solo has your team covered

Stay In Touch


  • Send and receive notifications and alerts from workers.
  • Simple, easy-to-use check ins.
  • Smart customisable escalation and notification options.
Stay Visible


  • Easily organise your workers into teams or regions.
  • Get real time updates for individual worker status.
  • Create work, safe and exclusions zones with powerful geofencing.
Stay Safe


  • Workers can send out an instant distress signal.
  • Receive instant alerts if a worker misses a check-in.
  • View real time dashboards and live maps.
Solo Live-1

Solo Live

  • Send and receive notifications and alerts from workers.
  • Simple, easy-to-use check ins.
  • User configurable to easily manage check-in timings.
  • Smart customisable escalation and notification options.
  • Adaptable sessions information options.
Solo App-1

Solo App

  • Designed for the worker on the move, offering a complete workforce management tool in your hand.
  • Send and receive important notifications, while easily viewing nearby workers.
  • Send and receive instant alerts when a worker misses a check in or changes status.
Solo Watch-2

Solo Watch

  • All the benefits of the Solo App when lone workers can't access a mobile or tablet.
  • Ideal for working at heights, climbing or in confined spaces.
  • Includes Vault Solo custom watch face option to suit your style.
4 simple steps-1

4 simple steps to set-up and get started

  1. Create your company profile in a few easy steps.
  2. Easily add and import team members from CSV files.
  3. Manage specific jobs and profiles all in one place.
  4. Monitor everything in real time on your live dashboards.

Over one million employees in safe hands