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Challenges for Healthcare Workers

Jul 08, 2020

Around the world, the healthcare industry has many challenges and trying to navigate these challenges to provide the bes...


Technology has truly transformed the health and safety ecosystem. Businesses now have an arsenal of innovative digital technologies to monitor, assess and improve their health and safety programs.

The following are 10 of the smartest health and safety apps redefining the OHS industry.


1. The Safety Compass

The safety compass is a Health and Safety risk management app designed for workers to help them manage and avoid dangers in the workplace. This app applies intuitive augmented reality to communicate hazard information to users, determines a worker’s physical location and presents critical information on current dangers to their mobile phone. It uses the device’s inbuilt camera and GPS system to relay present dangers to the viewer and adapts to the viewer’s field of vision.


2. NIOSH Lifting Equation App

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the US has designed a new free mobile app that helps workers stay safe while lifting objects manually.

The NLE Calc is based on the NIOSH Lifting Equation (RNLE); an internationally recognised standard for safe lifting. This app is designed for workers in industries where lifting is part of the job. The NLE Calc generates a score based on data entered on the lifting task and gives recommendations to improve the job, or execute it differently to prevent injury.


3. Fujitsu Al to Estimate Worker Heat Stress Levels

This is a new algorithm that uses artificial intelligence or Human Centric Al Zinrai to estimate heat stress in workers. Previous algorithms measured heat stress levels via data such as an increase in pulse, temperature, humidity through a device worn on the arm, and were primarily used by workers in manufacturing and construction sites.

The new device can estimate heat stress levels that accumulate over time and is designed for employees who work outdoors over long durations. This device uses Al technology to execute machine learning based on expert knowledge.


4. Velocity EHS MSDonline Chemical Management Mobile App

The MSDonline chemical management mobile app is a mobile app that simplifies employee access to hazardous chemical information. This app is developed for multiple devices and is useful in managing hazardous chemicals in remote areas with limited connectivity, which has been a challenge in the past. This app gives workers both online and offline access to life-saving information from safety data and other inventory data.


5. Vault Intelligence

No list of innovative health and safety solutions would be complete without our own platform, Vault Intelligence. Vault software allows you to reduce risk, stay compliant and solve governance issues with a full suite of health and safety features. Learn more about Vault and get a demo today.


6. NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

The NIOSH Sound Level Meter App provides noise exposure metrics that are critical for proper occupational noise measurement. It is designed to provide instantaneous sound levels in A-weighted, C-weighted and Z-weighted decibels. It also provides other parameters to aid in the lowering of occupational noise.

Users can save and share data and receive information on noise and hearing noise prevention. This app creates awareness about the work environment, informs workers on potential hazards to their hearing, collects noise exposure data, promotes better hearing health and prevents hearing loss.


7. Work Safe Pays

The Work Safe Pays app designed to educate and reward workers for keeping safe. Employers use games that educate in engaging video or text formats to employees who are rewarded with a bingo number and a chance to win a monetary or material prize.


8. Vault Check

Vault Check is a mobile inspection app that helps you create and schedule inspections and share them with your team. It helps create and carry out equipment, site and environment inspections on site and at the field.


9. Vault Audit

Vault Audit helps you conduct investigations on the go. Edit and manage templates, record visual evidence by uploading photos and diagrams. It also enables you to record your notes and link them to the audit.


10. Vault Notify

Vault Notify captures information on hazards and events in real time, notifies the right people for corrective action and uses GPS to stamp a report with a site and location. 

To see how Vault’s comprehensive OHS solution can transform your health and safety program, get a demo below.


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