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How to Change Driver Behaviour through Driver Coaching

Dec 09, 2019

Driver safety solution data holds plenty of promise. The insurance industry is extremely interested in using this data f...


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Everyone should go home from work safe and healthy. Not many people would argue against this and yet for something so important, workplace health and safety (WHS) is often seen as red tape, or even worse, gaffer tape!

Besides the legal responsibilities of an employer, business leaders have a moral responsibility to ensure their staff are safe and healthy.  And on top of this, it just makes good business sense!  After all, healthy and safe employees are engaged employees.  Engaged employees are productive. Productivity equals profit!

So is safety taken seriously in your organisation?  

As a leader, you set the example of how WHS is perceived within a business. If you view safety as just a formality, then your staff will do the same. If you roll your eyes at induction and safety training, be prepared for your staff to tune out and for the entire exercise to be pointless.

On the other hand, if you view workplace safety as something important that should not be compromised, your staff will not only comply, their loyalty will also increase because they know they are valued.

Here’s five things every leader can do to help create safer workplaces for everyone:

  1. Ensure your business has a formal and consistent induction program for new staff
  2. Identify the most safety competent people in your teams and empower them to become leaders in safety and compliance.
  3. Hire people who take pride in their work as they are more likely to take pride in their workplace.
  4. Provide ongoing safety training
  5. Create open communication between you and your staff so that they can report any issues or concerns as they arise.

Your behaviour sets the tone for how others will behave in a work environment. So if you want your people to comply with safety standards, behave respectfully and approach safety with diligence, you need to give WHS the gravitas it deserves.

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