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What is Contact Tracing and How Vault Solo Can Help

Sep 10, 2020

The war against COVID-19 is currently in the ‘control’ stage. While scientists study vaccines and immunisations, governm...


Employees in their first month on the job are three times more likely to suffer injury than those who have been there for more than a year.

Why is this? Think back to your first few weeks on the job. New tasks, unfamiliar equipment, foreign systems and an intimidating suite of names to remember - it’s easy to see how health and safety considerations can easily fall by the wayside for new employees. 

It’s the responsibility of Health and Safety Managers to find ways to help new employees avoid injuries during their high-risk first weeks on the job. Effective employee inductions are a great place to start.


What to Include in an Employee Induction

There’s a lot of ground to cover during employee inductions, and when you’re trying to get workers up to speed quickly, it can be tempting to skim over health and safety policies. For this reason, many businesses in high risk industries conduct specialised inductions dedicated solely to health and safety. 

Strategic Health and Safety Managers see inductions as a way to build a strong culture of safety in the workplace. They present an opportunity to instill positive safety habits at an early stage, and an opportunity to involve new employees in the culture you’ve tried hard to cultivate. Ideally, all new employees shouldn’t only enter the business with a firm understanding of health and safety policies, but also an understanding of the value of safety throughout the organisation.


Use an Employee Induction Checklist

Employee induction checklists are a useful starting point in improving your onboarding process. Depending on your industry, your business and your systems and processes, this checklist may cover a variety of health and safety policies specific to your employees’ needs.

However, as a base, these fundamentals are essential:

  • Emergency procedures, including evacuation instructions, assembly locations, emergency exits, fire alarms, and fire equipment like extinguishers
  • First aid
  • Work health and safety legislation information
  • Safe work practices
  • Personal protective equipment requirements and condition, such as safety glasses or work gloves
  • Hazards and risks inherent to your workplace 

These are general but necessary inclusions in employee inductions. A great checklist will be one that is ever-evolving based on feedback from employees and emerging hazards within the workplace.


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Improving Employee Inductions Over Time

By gathering information from your employees, you can gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your inductions. You may like to create a feedback request form to send a few months following the induction. This form can quiz employees on health and safety policies and ask for recommendations that can be used to iterate your induction checklist.


Get the Vault Intel Check App

In order to create a comprehensive, effective employee induction, you need a checklist that can be developed and improved over time. The Vault Intel Check App, which allows you to build interactive digital checklists, is just the tool for this application. 

The app allows you to create customised checklists and assign scores for the attributes of each item, making evaluation and improvement of your checklists easy.

The app also allows you to streamline the induction process by assigning categories to each item. You’ll be able to lump similar items together so your induction is organised and efficient.

To learn more about building a culture of safety through employee inductions, or to organise a no-obligation live demo of our software, get in touch with us at Vault.


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