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New Manslaughter Laws Rolling Out in Victoria

Jul 01, 2020

New WHS laws roll out in Victoria on July 1st will see a new criminal offence added to existing occupational health and ...


ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems, and is the most popular standard in the world. The standard has been updated from time to time, and the latest update of ISO 9001 was released in September 2015. 

More than a million organisations in 160+ countries have reached compliance with ISO 9001. These organisations are benefiting from improved efficiency, and laying the foundations for consistent improvement of their products and services. All of these benefits mean better customer satisfaction and bolstered reputation, which results in business growth. 

How can you use ISO 9001 to drive business growth for your organisation?


Define the Responsibilities of Management

Using the criteria outlined in the ISO 9001 standard, you can clearly define the responsibilities of management staff. When everyone understands exactly how they fit into the overall structure and which tasks they’re responsible for, operations run more smoothly. Your organisation will be able to avoid duplications in work, conflicts over territory, and even neglect of important tasks that fall through the cracks. 

With clearly defined responsibilities, your management personnel will be able to do what they do best: focus on business growth and the overall quality of your products and services.


Improve Management of Resources

ISO 9001 also helps organisations to better manage essential resources, including human resources and the organisation’s work environment. With improved resource management, organisations will have more resources available for growth initiatives such as improved marketing, capital for building, and other growth measures.


Use a Compliance Management System

The latest iteration of the ISO 9001 standard, ISO 9001:2015, has been designed to easily integrate with other popular standards like ISO 27001 and ISO 14001. An integrated management system can be greatly beneficial to all arms of your business, but needs a software platform that can manage it. 

An effective compliance management system will help you to know if you’re operating according to best practice procedures and guidelines. With a compliance management system, you’ll be able to quickly take corrective action if you’ve veered off track, and you’ll be able to store and maintain relevant documentation that will serve as a valuable guidepost into the future.


Develop New Products

ISO 9001 will also help you with your product realisation by governing steps to follow from design through delivery. With streamlined product realisation, your company will be able to quickly respond to consumer demand and be among the first in the market to provide exactly what your customers are looking for. With innovative services and products, you’ll drive business growth and become a leader in your industry.


Measure and Analyse Improvement

All of the previously mentioned steps toward growth work together to take your organisation in a forward direction, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look back to measure and analyse on a regular basis.

Using ISO 9001 guidelines to help, organisations can measure, analyse and improve through processes such as internal audits. The information gathered through audits will help you to make corrective and preventive action, improve your risk management and help you to follow best practices in the future.


Use ISO 9001 to Drive Business Growth

If your organisation is ready to move into growth mode, use ISO 9001 to streamline your processes, drive efficiency, and continually improve your products and services. In many cases, organisations don’t have to find more capital in order to drive business growth; they simply need to be better stewards of the resources they currently have.

Will this be the case for your organisation? If you’re not currently ISO 9001 certified, do what it takes to bring your organisation up to speed. By incorporating best practice guidelines into the way you operate on a daily basis, you’ll join more than a million organisations that have realised the benefits of implementing a compliant quality management system.


Updating from ISO 9001:2008

If your organisation was previously certified with the 2008 version of ISO 9001, you can transition to ISO 9001:2015 by making some minor changes.


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