Contact Tracing for Employers - Obligations and Options

Jun 05, 2020

  Employers have always known they needed (and are obligated by law) to protect their staff but the COVID-19 pandemic ha...


The right health and safety software can make a big difference to your business. It can help you to manage risk, compliance, communication between staff and contractors, and streamline your governance. 

With the potential to improve so many aspects of your business, it’s important that you find the right software for the job. In your search for the best health and safety software for your organisation, ask the following questions.


Does the Software Track Tasks and Actions?

There are lots of details to keep track of as you’re working toward improving your operations. Ensure your new software can manage corrective actions quickly and efficiently, track activities like meetings, and store all information in one centralised location. It should also be able to generate comprehensive reports to keep you informed about how you’re progressing with your key performance indicators.


Does it Include a Variety of Risk Management Tools?

Risk management involves a variety of different tasks and responsibilities, so it’s essential to have health and safety software that includes a variety of tools.

For instance, it should be able to share emergency plans with different parties and monitor emergency procedures, record and manage all incidents and events with customisable templates, and report event details from the moment the incident happens all the way through rehabilitation and the return to work. 

Additionally, your software should be able to use a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to create consistent guidelines for your employees to follow.


Is the Health and Safety Software Easy to Navigate?

When you can see all of your health and safety information mapped out on a dashboard, it’s far easier to stay on top of things and feel in control. Your software should help you to stay informed of everything that’s happening in your business, from long-term strategy to daily operations.


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Instead of having lists, physical documents, assignments, plans, and strategies all saved and stored in different places, choose health and safety software that allows you to manage everything in one location.


Does it Handle Reporting?

Reporting is another major component of your risk management system, so your software should be adept at creating and publishing detailed reports.

Look for software that creates graphs of your data so you can visualise information and identify issues instantly. Choose software that comes with a number of pre-built “best-of-breed” reports; it’s also helpful, however, to have the option of creating your own custom reports.

In order to effectively communicate with stakeholders, employees, and governing bodies, look for the capability to export your reports in multiple formats such as xls, rtf text, pdf, doc, and cvs.


Does the Software Have Health and Safety Apps?

With the way people live and work these days, you need risk management software that is available on the go. Increasingly, employees, managers, supervisors, and decision makers are using mobile apps to stay updated throughout their workdays and to increase their productivity.

Look for health and safety software that incorporates mobile apps into its programs for staying on top of incidents, safety checks, and investigations. Health and safety apps will result in a safer workplace and a more engaged staff.

By asking questions like these, you’ll be able to find the right health and safety software for your organisation. Instead of looking for different programs for each of these applications, look for one platform that covers all of your health and safety needs.

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