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New Manslaughter Laws Rolling Out in Victoria

Jul 01, 2020

New WHS laws roll out in Victoria on July 1st will see a new criminal offence added to existing occupational health and ...


Is OHS software worth the cost? What can it do for your business? Can OHS software really help you to drive efficiency and make your workplace safer for employees, clients and visitors? These are great questions, and we’ll address them in this post.

Here are a few core benefits you can enjoy when you start to use OHS software.

Team Connections

One of the biggest advantages to using OHS software is that it can help to keep your team connected. If there’s an incident at your workplace or at a remote job site, it’s important to alert key decision makers as quickly as possible. With modern OHS software, it’s possible to alert all necessary personnel with a few taps on your device.

Immediately, the safety manager can gather all the information necessary to respond in real time. Pictures and video can be taken and shared, helping everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities during the crisis.

In addition to faster response times, improved team connections can also help to prevent safety incidents in the first place. With information about possible problems, the safety manager can alert workers in the affected area to move out of danger or take the necessary precautions. As you can see, improved connectivity can have a big effect on the safety of your workplace.

Risk Assessment

Quality OHS software can help you to identify the risks your workers face every day. With a working knowledge of these risks, it’s much easier to prioritise your resources and address the biggest risks.

WHS regulations require that businesses conduct a risk assessment for activities considered to be high risk. Such activities include live electrical work, diving work and working in confined spaces. But even if your employees are not involved in high-risk activities like these, you can use risk assessment strategies to keep them safe and reduce the chances that you’ll have efficiency-draining incidents.

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OHS software can help you to ascertain the severity of risks, determine whether or not your existing measures are effective and make workplace changes that will address the risks you discover in your assessment.

Productivity and Profitability

With OHS software available on mobile devices, workers, supervisors and managers are saving time during the workday, thus increasing productivity and profitability. Instead of having to stop and log information, apps gather data and make it easy to create and send reports.

Workers also gain confidence when their exposure to risk is more closely monitored. This allows them to focus on their work with greater intent. Additionally, OHS software can cut costs, which further increases profitability. All of these advantages add up to make OHS software an investment that brings dividends.

Streamlined Training

OHS software can help you to improve your company’s health and safety training, both for new hires and for veteran employees. Whether you prefer to use hands-on training, interactive techniques, instructor-led training or computer-based training, OHS software can help you to make sure your training is comprehensive and compliant with up-to-date regulations.

New-hire and ongoing training are essential for the well being of your employees as well as for the productivity and profitability of your company. Well-constructed training not only helps employees to know how to avoid accidents and illness, but it also helps workers to help develop a culture of safety, productivity and concern for others.

These are just three of many benefits of using OHS software at your company. To learn more about the benefits of OHS software, get in touch with us at Vault. You can also arrange for a free trial of our software. We look forward to help you.

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