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What is Contact Tracing and How Vault Solo Can Help

Sep 10, 2020

The war against COVID-19 is currently in the ‘control’ stage. While scientists study vaccines and immunisations, governm...


Whatever the industry, the overarching goal of health and safety management is to ensure the wellbeing of individuals in the organisation is never compromised. Investing in health and safety shouldn’t only be a matter of compliance and social responsibility -  it makes a great deal of business sense. 

Current safety legislation requires of a person conducting a business undertaking (PCBU) to ensure a safe workplace, to implement a safe system of work, to continually consult with workers on safety and to maintain proper records amongst other requirements.

This often equates to multiple obligations and procedures, and a lot of documentation and paperwork. Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in such an environment becomes quite a challenge. OHS software  provides a solution to each of these challenges. 


What are the Benefits of OHS Software?

OHS software like Vault has several benefits that make a tangible impact on your bottom line.

1. Safer and More Engaged Workers

OHS software places safety at the hands of your workers, through mobile access on multiple devices. Workers are able to report when issues arise, immediately consult and receive guidance. This results in greater engagement and greater safety awareness across the organisation. 

2. Increased Efficiency

Health and safety software enables you to automate your obligations, procedures, actions and reminders. It helps you to eliminate time-consuming (and costly) manual procedures and prevents any kind of duplication. 

3. Cost Savings

According to OSHA, organisations that invest in health and safety reduce injuries, illnesses and fatalities. This results in cost savings by reducing medical expenses, lowering worker compensation costs, reducing employee training costs, and avoiding OSHA penalties and costly non compliance. Reduction of paperwork and duplication of efforts also contribute towards cost savings. 

4. Stakeholder and Customer Satisfaction

Investing in OHS software helps convey to stakeholders and customers that health and safety is at the core of your organisation. This software generates current reports that can be shared directly with stakeholders and customers. This information can also be displayed on the organisation’s website. 

5. Reduced Risk and Increased Compliance

OHS software also ensures that organisations manage risk, and that they comply with legal requirements and industry standards. This increases overall efficiency and ensures that your organisation is never caught on the wrong side of the law.


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What Should You Consider When Investing in OHS Software?

Ease of Use: You are investing in OHS software to streamline your health and safety operations. You should therefore steer clear of software that complicates operations in any way.

Functionality: OHS software comes with multiple suites of functionality, so pick software with functionality that best suits your needs. You should also be able to turn on and off functionality depending on what you need, and it should feature integration capabilities. This product should also be scalable as the organisation grows. 

User Experience: There is no need investing in software unless everyone in the organisation enjoys using it. Eliminate any kind of software that doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. 

Mobility: To emphasise a health and safety culture, OHS software should be accessible everywhere. It should be available on the go to facilitate timely actions and decisions.

Return on Investment: The benefits you gain from using the software should always exceed the cost of acquiring it.


What are the Benefits of investing in Vault OHS Software?

  • Prevents costly incidents by increasing visibility across the organisation. It also ensures effective risk and safety management.
  • Helps you avoid financial liabilities and protects your business with comprehensive compliance management.
  • Creates efficient communication channels between staff and your executive team.
  • Equipped with a risk register for preventive action and to implement controls.
  • Manages events by providing visibility over all events, incidents and investigations.
  • Builds and shares JSAs to ensure consistency in staff and contractors.
  • Tracks tasks and facilitates corrective actions.
  • Generates real time reports.
  • Manages plant, equipment and PPE.
  • Manages your substances by tracking locations, quantities and review dates.
  • Drives governance by creating visibility of governance requirements.
  • Mobile applications suite to use on the go.

To discover how your business can improve its OHS efficiency, get a Vault demo today.

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