Duty of care

What is Contact Tracing and How Vault Solo Can Help

Sep 10, 2020

The war against COVID-19 is currently in the ‘control’ stage. While scientists study vaccines and immunisations, governm...


Directors Responsibilities Extend to Mental Health and Wellbeing of Employees

Aug 19, 2020

For years companies have been focused on identifying hazards and risks in the workplace, but have th...

Company Responsibilities as Workplaces Open and Employees Return to Work

Jun 10, 2020

  With developments surrounding COVID-19, businesses around the world are looking at reopening. The ...

Contact Tracing for Employers - Obligations and Options

Jun 05, 2020

  Employers have always known they needed (and are obligated by law) to protect their staff but the ...

Building a safety culture through open conversations

Mar 03, 2020

It can be an uphill battle for Site Managers and Health & Safety Managers to understand the health a...

Senior Management Suffer Poor Visibility into Workplace Safety

Jan 28, 2020

Regardless of the industry, hazards exist. Management should always ensure that the workplace is a s...

Getting your team involved in bottom up safety management

Nov 21, 2019

Health and safety management has historically been a corporate mandate that starts at the top levels...

How to Profit from Your Workplace Culture of Safety

Dec 18, 2017

Workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities not only affect employees, but also cost organisations ...

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