SPCA Canterbury

Creating a culture of safety for SPCA

For over 140 years, SPCA Canterbury has been dedicated to improving animal welfare through care and protection. They have 40 paid staff and over 500 volunteers helping to provide a range of services that include animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, as well as educating the broader community. 


Efficient risk management for NZME

New Zealand Media is an integrated media company with a portfolio of radio, digital, ecommerce and print brands. They produce content that reaches an average audience of 3.3 million people.  Headquartered in Auckland, they have 47 regional offices managing various forms of content, plus sales and activation teams.


Building on Aviation Safety for HeliOtago 

With 20 years experience in the Aviation industry, HeliOtago are the largest fleet of helicopters in southern New Zealand.  They provide aviation for commercial enterprise, agriculture, pest eradication, training and ambulance services.  They also own and operate the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter which undertakes more than 600 rescue missions per year.  Health and Safety is a major priority for HeliOtago, which is why, when they outgrew the software built by the aviation industry, they turned to Vault.

Paul Coleman, Director of Think What If

A chat with an official Vault Partner

Paul Coleman is the Director of Think What If, a safety audit, training and advisory service that helps businesses improve operational performance.  Paul is an Official Partner of Vault and uses Vault software to service his diverse range of clients. 

Redland City Council

Holistic Risk Management for Redland City Council

Redland City Council in Brisbane Australia has approximately 140,000 people living in the region and a council workforce of 1000.  They have a wide variety of risks that they need to manage in order to keep their community safe.  

StateCover Mutual

Creating value for local government and communities with StateCover

StateCover Mutual Limited has been operating since 2001 as a Specialised Insurer, supporting the workplace risk needs of NSW Councils and other local government entities.


Supporting those that support others




ADT keeping their workers safe on the road.

ADT, part of JCI partnered with Vault to test a solution to protect their staff and keep them safe whether they’re on the road, at worksites or attending appointments. With 105,000 workers and 2,000 locations, the SoloDrive solution was chosen to help understand driver behaviour to quickly locate and provide help to staff when needed.