ADT keeping their workers safe on the road.

ADT, part of JCI partnered with Vault to test a solution to protect their staff and keep them safe whether they’re on the road, at worksites or attending appointments. With 105,000 workers and 2,000 locations, the SoloDrive solution was chosen to help understand driver behaviour to quickly locate and provide help to staff when needed.


Vault Case Study with ADT from Vault Intel on Vimeo.

At ADT, health and safety of customers and staff are their number one focus. There were two main problems ADT was looking to address. The first was understanding driver behaviour in different traffic conditions to help keep drivers safe. And the second was providing management with the ability to have instant data and notifications to quickly locate and provide help, should an employee face a situation where their safety is at risk. The SoloDrive app was quickly deployed, with training, to help understand and identify:

  • Driver behaviour with scoring on performance
  • Hard turns and brakes
  • Speeding
  • Phone use while driving

SoloDrive was a rousing success for ADT and enabled the business to:

  • Understand how teams navigated and drove in various conditions
  • Have access to instant data on driver behaviour
  • Check-ins enabled improved workforce planning and the ability to keep track of driver safety
  • Insights to understand triggers of incidences that could cause of harm or injury to staff, as well coaching opportunities to help improve individual driver behaviour.
SoloDrive will now be rolled out to teams in Australia and New Zealand.
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