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Who they are and what they do

Two great organisations, House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation came together and Aruma was formed a year ago. With a combined experience of over 100 years, Aruma is a disability service provider that helps, mentors and coaches around 5,000 people with a disability throughout the east coast of Australia.

Aruma’s services include Supported Independent Living, clinical and therapeutic programs to enable greater independence, and social inclusion.

Aruma approached Vault to help solve a problem around employee safety where Support Workers in medium to high-risk situations were not able to to reach a fixed alarm system or use their mobile phone to call for help.  Aruma was looking for a capability that would enable a hands-free personal duress alert to be triggered and responded to by a co-worker who could  provide immediate assistance.  

The Vault Solo solution, in collaboration with Vita:

A number of Aruma homes and employees were selected to participate in the Proof of Concept which involved using Vault Solo, a Lone and Remote Worker duress and workforce management application, installed on the stylish but rugged eSIM Samsung Galaxy watch.  Nicknamed the, ‘Aruma Safety Watch’, these were worn by Support Workers on day and night shifts, who checked-in as part of shift handover and with a quick tap of the screen, were able to raise an SMS alert to co-workers when assistance was required.  Included as part of the duress alert are the Support Workers GPS coordinates and their current heart rate; powerful information to have when responding to a duress alert 

“For Aruma, the role that our Support Workers play has a significant impact on helping our Clients lead a normal life. Their safety and wellbeing is paramount to the service that we provide. Working with Sherry from Vault and Jason from Vita, implementing what is in essence a hands-free duress alarm and response system has been straightforward and very rewarding.  The staff, who were sceptical about wearables at first, now love our ‘Safety Watches’ and the peace of mind it provides them (and their families)”.  David Hackney, OHS & Wellbeing Adviser. 

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