Efficient risk management for NZME

New Zealand Media is an integrated media company with a portfolio of radio, digital, ecommerce and print brands. They produce content that reaches an average audience of 3.3 million people.  Headquartered in Auckland, they have 47 regional offices managing various forms of content, plus sales and activation teams.

Being a major source for news and content, they operate around the clock, 7 days a week.

Vault Case Study with NZME from Vault Intel on Vimeo.

Frana Lindsay, Group Wellness & Safety Manager for NZME recognised that the old paper-based method of EHS and Risk Management was problematic for a complex media organisation.  Paper records ran the risk of becoming lost, filed incorrectly and never followed up.  For a multi-site company with a lot of machinery involved in the 24/7 operation, managing risk efficiently was crucial for ongoing success. 

NZME  sought a digital solution that would increase efficiency, make communication easier and save time on reporting.

The Outcome

Since implementing Vault, the company has seen numerous improvements to their Risk Management Strategy.

  • Information is no longer lost due to inefficient processes
  • Reporting of risks and events has increased now that staff have an easy way to input information, resulting in a higher quality and quantity of data capture.
  • Time taken to analyse and produce reports has been reduced significantly, and due to the comprehensiveness of the data, Risk reporting has increased by 300%.
  • Since introducing Vault software, the company has been able to access the highest insurance discount possible under New Zealand legislation, which is tertiary level.

“Vault is the most comprehensive system I’ve seen," says Frana Lindsay, Group Wellness & Safety Manager. "We’re able to manage everything from risks to our safe work practices, to incident management, right up to governance. I would recommend Vault to anyone. We’ve found it extremely easy to use, we’ve had real results, and great feedback from our staff.  At the end of the day, it’s gotten us from managing risk okay, to managing risk excellently.”

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