Holistic Risk Management for Redland City Council

Redland City Council in Brisbane Australia has approximately 140,000 people living in the region and a council workforce of 1000.  They have a wide variety of risks that they need to manage in order to keep their community safe.  

Case Study of Redland City Council from Vault Intel on Vimeo.

When Peter Gould first came on board as Service Manager for Health, Safety & Wellbeing, the council's safety management system was paper based, with areas that weren't being measured or reported on.  He chose Vault as the safety management system that would manage the council's diverse and growing needs. 

"Vault provides us with that ultimate safety filing cabinet," Peter said. "It creates automatic reporting for us so that at the end of the month, it gives us the stats we need to be able to give a picture to our senior management of what's not going on and what is going on." 

"[Vault] gives you a million dollar outcome from a safety management point of view, for a few thousand dollar licence fee every year."


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