Creating a culture of safety for SPCA

For over 140 years, SPCA Canterbury has been dedicated to improving animal welfare through care and protection. They have 40 paid staff and over 500 volunteers helping to provide a range of services that include animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, as well as educating the broader community. 

Vault Case Study with SPCA from Vault Intel on Vimeo.

Barry Helem, CEO of SPCA Canterbury, required a Health & Safety solution that would protect his teams, whilst efficiently managing risk. He recognised that in order to protect the wellbeing of his staff and volunteers, he needed to embed Health & Safety into the culture of the organisation.  

"Our work is quite dangerous," Barry said. "The people we deal with tend to have a history of violence against people as well as animals, so we’re often dealing with the same people the police deal with." 

Previous to using Vault, the company had relied on lengthy manuals to document policies and procedures, and notice boards that would often be ignored in the day-to-day operations of the charity.

The Outcomes 

Since implementing Vault, SPCA have improved the engagement of staff, empowered them to take control of their own health and safety, and increased the amount of data captured to manage risk effectively. With a tablet in every unit, their staff can efficiently report hazards and events in real time.

"What Vault has done is allow us to bring to life health and safety in a way that is really interactive for our staff," commented Barry. "Our staff feel safer. They feel as though management and the Board are really interested in their health, safety and wellbeing."

Another goal for them was to mitigate risk and increase visibility for the Board of Directors, who are personally liable for Health & Safety. By implementing Vault, the Board now has the ability to log in to one centralised system to get a real-time snapshot of EHS in the workplace.  "This is really valuable for them because they get the comfort that they are not only protected personally, but that we're doing everything we can to mitigate risk." 

"We’ve found Vault excellent for managing health and safety in our workplace," Barry Helem said. "What Worksafe New Zealand look for is a demonstration of a health and safety culture in the workplace and Vault gets us there. I strongly recommend Vault to any organisation that has a high level of risk." 

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