Creating value for local government and communities with StateCover

StateCover Mutual Limited has been operating since 2001 as a Specialised Insurer, supporting the workplace risk needs of NSW Councils and other local government entities.

Vault Case Study with StateCover from Vault Intel on Vimeo.

As at June 2017, StateCover insured around 94% of eligible Councils, covering a workforce of approximately 31,000 employees. Their "soul" purpose to create value for local government and the communities they serve. The continued strategic partnership with Vault is ensuring this through collaboration and joint innovation.

Kris Bruckner, from StateCover explains how working with Vault continues to provide huge benefits to its members.

He commented that. "StateCover uses Vault products for two reasons. Firstly the breadth of the system, you don't want a millions different systems. You want one system that will cover the lot and the second is they are just easy to use"

On the impact of implementation of Vault products, Kris says. "...people are getting better information much more quickly" and "...people are saving a lot of time, particularly in the administrative load, doing reporting, tracking processes." 


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