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Drive Progress,
Create Change

Those in our Government industries work to progress society and create change in the lives of millions. Make sure you stay on top on everything that is going on with Vault. Vault’s broad-based solutions streamline reporting, compliance checks, and manpower management from a single integrated platform.

Stay on Top of Everything

Vault’s solutions makes reporting, compliance, and managing hundreds of workers distributed across multiple locations easy. Here’s how we’re helping:


Broad-Based Solutions

Use Vault Check, Form, Solo and Enterprise to stay on top of worker safety, compliance checks, and reporting needs. Enjoy a fully end to end system in a single delivery process.


Seasoned Experts

Our experience working with the Government sector means we’ve got the insights to help your team perform above and beyond.


No Extra Hardware

Vault’s integrated apps are iOS and Android supported. All you need is your smartphone and the rest is covered under a monthly licence fee for peace of mind.

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Real-Time Workforce Visibility

Hundreds of workers and multiple locations can make managing remote workers a challenge. Vault Solo’s command-centre Live Portal lets you see, communicate, and manage individuals or teams in real-time, no matter where they in the world.

  • Monitor tasks and projects
  • Communicate directly with teams or individuals
  • Secure sites with GeoZones and beacon infrastructure

Manage your Team in Times of Crisis

Ensure your team is safe and accounted for during critical situations by streamlining crisis management protocol. Vault Solo lets you know your team’s location, health status, and connects you with them immediately.

  • Real-time location monitoring of remote workers
  • Report health and location status instantly
  • Instant alerts based on GeoZones
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Mobile Inspections on the Go

Make site inspections a breeze with Vault Check. Check ensures you’ve got everything you need to schedule, customise, and report inspections – all from a single app

  • Create and schedule inspections
  • Generate reports instantly
  • Customise inspection checklists

Modularised Construct

A short, concise explanation of one of Vault's best feature and how it's going to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Solo App
  • Solo Wearable
  • Vault Enterprise
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“With Vault, our staff feel safer. It has allowed us to bring to life health and safety in a way that is really interactive for our staff.’’

- Barry Helem, CEO of SPCA Canterbury

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