All the Legals

There are some legal documents that are important to be aware of when using Vault. We have documents covering our customers and prospective customers, our partners and resellers and for users of our website. We have included an overview of these documents below as well as links to them to the left.


Terms of Service

The Terms of Service applies to your Vault subscription. If you are an existing or prospective customer you will need to review this document.


Privacy Policy

This document is all about what we will and won't do with your data. This should be reviewed if you are a customer, a prospect, have filled out a form on our website or a blog subscriber.


Acceptable Use Policy

If you use our products, any of our products, then this is an important one. It discusses what is ok and what is not ok to do with our products and services.


Partner Program Agreement

If you are a Health & Safety professional that wants to become part of the Vault Partner Program then this agreement details our relationship and how we will work together. By signing up to the Partner Program you agree to the terms in this agreement.


Complementary Service Providers Agreement

If you are interested in becoming one of our Vault Certified Complementary Service Providers (CSP's), then this Agreement is for you. Here is where you can find all the important details, terms and conditions which apply to CSP's.