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Oil, Gas, & Mining

Protect and Connect with your Workforce

For those in our Oil, Gas, & Mining industries, getting hands-on in high-risk environments is just another day in the life. It’s vital we’re maximising their safety and management on the job. Vault Solo ensures you’re always by their side by automating emergency detection and alerts, streamlining communications, and providing real-time location monitoring.

Give your workforce the gift of real-time protection

It’s not easy managing hundreds of workers distributed across multiple locations – stay on top of risk with Vault Solo. Here’s how we’re helping:

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Wide-Range Connectivity

Stay connected to your team, no matter where they are. Solo operates on 3G, 4G, 5G, satellite, private networks, and Wi-Fi


Private and Secure

Solo’s technology and location-detection beacons operate on private networks, meaning your business’s information stays with you, and you only.


Real-Time Emergency Response

When responding to emergencies, make sure you get the full picture – immediately. Solo generates real-time breadcrumb history reports during emergency responses, including sending out monitored services for assistance.

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Respond to Emergencies with Solo Wearables

Give your team peace of mind that you’ll be there when they need it. Solo’s Wearables automatically detect falls, abnormal biometrics, and can send immediate duress alerts to emergency response teams.

  • Automatically detects up to 22 types of falls
  • Monitor abnormal worker biometrics
  • Get immediate duress alerts

Manage your Team in Times of Crisis

Ensure your team is safe and accounted for during critical situations by streamlining crisis management protocol. Vault Solo lets you know your team’s location, health status, and connects you with them immediately

  • Real-time location monitoring of remote workers
  • Report health and location status instantly
  • Send bulk notifications by team or location
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Make Data-Driven Decisions

With high-stakes decisions to be made on the daily, use data to improve how your team works. Vault Solo reports trends, usage patterns and data to empower your team with better informed decision making.

  • Gather data across all devices
  • Generate reports and insights
  • Analyse trends for smart benchmarking

Modularised Construct

Vault’s intelligence-backed solutions lift performance and safety at an individual and enterprise level. Protect your lone workers with the Vault Solo app and wearables, while staying on top of all your organisation’s health and safety compliance with Enterprise.

  • Solo App
  • Solo Wearable
  • Vault Enterprise

“With Vault, our staff feel safer. It has allowed us to bring to life health and safety in a way that is really interactive for our staff.’’

- Barry Helem, CEO of SPCA Canterbury

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