8 Tips to Increase your Online Customer Conversion Rates

Posted by Vault IQ on 26-May-2017 15:09:01
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When it comes to buying a product or service, everyone goes through a decision making process. While the process varies depending on the weight of the decision, the investment of money and the level of risk involved, one thing is for sure: in a screen-obsessed world, customers are doing far more research into companies before they make their decision to buy.

Whether it’s online testimonials, review articles, star ratings or the quality of a website, everyone is turning to the web in order to make the most informed purchasing decision.

So for any business, it is imperative to have quality representation online. Below are some tips that can help you to turn those prospective buyers seeking advice, justification or information into customers through online customer conversion.

1. Outsourcing Content Creation

Content has the capacity to relate more specifically to your customers as it’s targeted to suit their needs and wants. It’s a way of expressing an organisation’s personality and offering without being blatantly promotional. This can go a long way towards building trust and credibility amongst your market. Content can answer the buyer's questions, provide advice and is a source of free information and help. It can add value to your service and organisation by giving them something for free, and potentially lead them further into the buying process with you.

Employing an external resource that specialises in effective, professional content creation can give you access to that company’s expertise saving significant time. If you or your team are already focused on executing other initiatives, content creation won’t be high on the priority list. By using another source to provide you with usable professional content, you can save large amounts of precious time for your core objectives.

2. Have Nothing To Hide

A lot of companies have websites that use so much industry-specific jargon and buzzwords, that they leave a reader confused as to what the business does and what they can expect to get for their money.

You can overcome this by exuding transparency and being explicit with your description of your business and what you are selling.. Think of an elevator pitch; how would you convey what your business does, how it does it and the benefits in the shortest amount of time, using simple language.

For consultancy businesses, one thing that often remains undisclosed is a fee structure or pricing model.  Consider differentiating yourself from the competition by openly sharing what is involved in each level of engagement you offer.  Do you offer a basic level of engagement, then perhaps a mid-range and premium level? Customers want to know this information! You don’t have to be explicit with fees, but showing prospective customers their choices of how they can engage your services will add a sense of transparency and authenticity to your business.

3. Search Engine Optimisation 

When searching on the Internet, people are more likely to click on one or more of the top 5 results that show up. So if your business appears in the top 5, you’re in a great position to bring in leads through your website.  If your business appears on the first page of results, then you’re doing pretty well and there’s room for improvement.  If you’re buried somewhere past the first page, unfortunately you are not being seen by potential customers.  Think of what your ideal customer would be searching for when looking for a supplier of your service.  What would they type into Google?  What kind of language are they likely to use?  Now run a search using those words and see where your business appears in the list of results.  

If you aren’t happy with the result, consider getting the help of an SEO specialist or do some research into how you can improve your search rankings through some easy changes to your website.

4. Build Trust and Credibility 

  • Social Proof: Endorsements build your credibility as an expert in your industry. They will essentially give your brand a collection of testimonials, making you a more trustworthy and attractive connection based on social proof.
  • Professionalism: Is your website free from error? Ensuring it is 100% accurate and errorless will give the leads a taste of your work ethic and the quality of your service.
  • Lines of Communication: Providing a phone number, email address or physical address that connects the visitors to an actual person creates a sense of trust and credibility. If it is difficult for people to find this information and get in contact, they will move on to another site.

5. Make it an Enjoyable Experience

As soon as your business and website  becomes too complicated to comprehend, or communicate with, you risk  losing the lead. 55% of web page visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your website, so attracting their interest and holding it is crucial for the follow through to customer conversion.  

Explainer videos can be a great way to deliver clear and concise information about your business and service offering. Videos are a great tool to engage people and put a face or voice to your business.  Potential customers can quickly consume a video, rather than spend more time reading and processing written information.  Videos can also be shared to a wider audience effortlessly, creating virality that can really boost a brand.

6. Remove the Risk Factor

As seen in step four, trust and credibility are a huge element when it comes to large scale purchases within an organisation. Offering some form of guarantee to your work can go a long way in minimising the risk experienced by the customers and therefore make them more likely to invest in your services.  Consider what kind of guarantee you could offer to ease your customer’s mind.  

7. Time Sensitive Offers  

Offering a gift or bonus to your services if a purchase is made within a certain time-frame can be a  fast way to convert those fence sitters. You need to allow enough time for visitors to view the offer, while still creating a certain amount of urgency that will persuade them to follow through with your call to action.

Consider if there is something you can give away for free in order to entice potential customers to make their purchasing decision.  Free training, resources or a even a simple discount can be an effective way for consultancy businesses to quickly convert leads.

8. Analyse Website Traffic

By analysing the traffic on your website you can start to get a clear picture of your key audience.  You’ll start to see patterns of where they are located, how they are finding your site, what devices they are using, and what time they are viewing your site.  This allows you to refine your marketing efforts to better target these individuals.

Having a serious customer conversion strategy is becoming more and more important as the technology world evolves so rapidly. The rate at which people are influenced by online information is growing with every generation. If your business does not yet have a strategy for customer conversion, it would be well worth implementing one for the exposure, sales pipeline and credibility of the organisation.

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