How to build or refresh your website on any budget

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With currently 85% of business to business customers relying on website research when making a buyer's decision, having a website for your company is essential.  It is also essential that the website puts your organisation’s  and service’s best foot forward with a sharp design and well-written information.If you don’t yet have a website, or you have one that is static, cluttered and outdated, it’s time to take action. And this doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

A solution for every budget

With freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Designcrowd you can get all of the hard work done for you at a fraction of what it may cost to employee your own webpage guru.  

These marketplace web pages enable you to collaborate with designers from all over the world to gain the best look, feel, usability and image for your businesses websites. The process is simple:

  • Create an account with Fiverr or Designcrowd;
  • Search for what services you require or post a job brief for what you want done;
  • Negotiate your fee with the seller of your choice based on their portfolio (and offer); and
  • Watch the magic happen.

Whether it’s a redesign of your logo, some copywriting for the site, a redesign of your webpages, help with SEO, or a fully developed responsive website, these online marketplaces cover everything. You negotiate the cost depending on your needs, which could be as little as $5.00.

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DIY...with a bit of help

If the idea of outsourcing through somewhere like Designcrowd or Fiverr isn’t for you, sites like  Squarespace and Wix have made it easy to design and host your own website. Through professional pre-designed templates with hundreds of customisable features, you have the freedom to design your own website with the help of state- of- the- art design templates, ideas, operational tools and e-commerce functionality.

These drag and drop website builders include web, tablet and mobile options. They are available from just $4.50 per month on a  basic package through to $26.00 per month for a business account that includes a custom domain, mobile optimisation, 24/7 support, marketing tools, analytics and much more.

Squearespace templates.pngExamples of Squarespace website templates

Website Must Haves

Whether you choose the DIY or outsourcing option, there a few basic elements that every website needs to include in order to be effective:

  • Homepage: Keep the first page of your website simple, free from clutter and easy to read. The purpose of this page is to simply and concisely explain what your service is and what problem you solve.  It should grab attention and influence the reader to want to know more.
  • About Us: An ‘About Us’ page should be included in order to introduce to the reader the major people in business. This adds a human element to your company and creates credibility, transparency and familiarity for the brand. Including some personal biographies will also showcase the depth of knowledge, skills and experience of the people within the company.  At a minimum, if you are a one-person consultancy, include a professional photograph and a biography that details your experience.  
  • Services Page: A ‘Services’ page is required to explain the services you provide in more detail than on the home page. Keep the language easy to understand, use keywords for your industry and again, do not clutter the page with information.
  • Contact Us:  Create a crystal clear way for people to get in touch. It could be a contact form, phone number, email address, street address or all four.  Stating your physical location of your head office is a good way to bring more legitimacy to your business.  

Additional tips:

  • Use imagery to break up text.
  • Use your brand colours and logo consistently to generate brand recognition.
  • Create clear “Calls to Action” by including “Contact Us” or “Get in Touch” buttons on each page so at any point in their visit to your site, a person can easily reach out to you.
  • Add social media icons so visitors can easily follow you on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Without a website potential customers cannot and will not find you. With 78% of internet users conducting product research online when making a purchase, it's a portion of the sales pie you simply cannot miss out on.


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