Social Media Strategies for Consultants

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8 Marketing Tips for Consulting Businesses

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6 SEO Tools for Better Website Performance

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8 Tips to Increase your Online Customer Conversion Rates

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When it comes to buying a product or service, everyone goes through a decision making process. While the process varies depending on the weight of the decision, the investment of money and the level of risk involved, one thing is for sure: in a screen-obsessed world, customers are doing far more research into companies before they make their decision to buy.

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How to build or refresh your website on any budget

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With currently85% of business to business customers relying on website researchwhen making a buyer's decision, having a website for your company is essential.  It is also essential that the website puts your organisation’s  and service’s best foot forward with a sharp design and well-written information.

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8 Ways to Generate More Business Leads with LinkedIn

By Vault IQ on 23-Mar-2017 08:05:00


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With more than 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is a universal business tool that professionals shouldn’t ignore.

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8 tips to better your relationship with clients

By Vault IQ on 16-Mar-2017 09:01:00


Managing client relationships is one of the most important things you can do in an organisation, because without clients, there is no business. While a lot of effort is used to win new business, this is actually the easy part.  In an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious market, the real challenge is keeping them, meeting their needs, and managing their satisfaction.

Here are 8 key things to remember in your efforts to retain clients.

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5 ways you can get ahead in the new financial year

By Vault IQ on 08-Mar-2017 08:20:00


It’s only a few more weeks until the end of financial year for New Zealand businesses, and a few months for Australian organisations. For some businesses, the end of financial year  can be a long awaited relief, for others it’s a long awaited concern. In either instance, the end of financial year marks the  beginning of a new chapter for all businesses and a time to reflect, re-evaluate, rearrange, renounce and reward.

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Top 5 Apps for the Savvy Consultant

By Vault IQ on 23-Feb-2017 08:15:00


As the business world becomes faster, it can be hard to keep up the pace. Luckily, there are a whole host of apps available for us to be as productive and efficient as possible.  If you’re a consultant or working for a small consultancy, here’s our top picks for apps to help you save time, money and make your job easier!

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5 ways to win more customers for your business

By Vault IQ on 13-Feb-2017 09:03:00


Once you’ve launched your business and built up some loyal customers, sustainability and expansion will be the next things on the agenda. How do you maintain and grow your client base?  While marketing your business is crucial to bring in more leads, we look at the non-marketing ways you can win more customers.

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