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One software platform for all your Health & Safety Management needs.

End-to-end health, safety and risk management 


Clever solutions for a safer workplace

Vault is a more intelligent way to manage your risk, health and safety responsibilities. The cloud-based software drives productivity, visibility and efficiency, and empowers businesses with the intelligence to make better decisions.

Major problems Vault solves:

  • Reducing Risk
  • Solving Governance
  • Staying Compliant
  • Engaging People
  • Protecting Assets

We need to take control of our risk management...

Be at the heart of every incident, even if you’re in the boardroom.

Managing risk is a daily part of business and with the right tools, you can be in complete control. Vault software will allow you to document new processes, log reports, manage both site and project risks and ensure all safety measures are being met via comprehensive dashboards.

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I need to view and enforce safety accountability...

Give your business the solid foundations it needs to weather any storm.

With our simple but comprehensive Governance module, you can build and maintain governance across all areas of the business, from your safety management system, to insurance and liabilities, to compliance and legal registers, all from a central dashboard. Review the performance of your processes as they’re in action.

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How can we stay compliant?

Make informed decisions, keep your stakeholders up-to-date and stay in control.

Compliance is an imperative for all organisations to protect their business and people. With functionality aligned with ISO and ANZ standards, Vault software will give your Executive team and Board the visibility they need to ensure safety legislation compliance across the business, from plant and equipment, to people and process.

With real-time alerts and reports, the Compliance module allows you to manage corrective actions, track KPIs, measure lead / lag indicators and improve accountability.

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We need a scalable way to train, manage and engage our staff...

Protect and nurture the most important part of your organisation; your people.

Manage your entire workforce, from employees to contractors and third parties, through detailed registers so you can keep track of anything that is affecting your people. Manage WorkCover claims with efficiency and empathy, track and schedule training and identify skills gaps to ensure your people stay engaged, compliant and job competent.

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We need a safer way to protect our assets...

Vault takes the complexity out of managing your assets.

Allowing you to monitor, maintain and maximise your investments in one place. Manage plant, equipment, personal protective equipment, substances and transport using Vault’s detailed registers, and ensure long term value for your investment.

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Boost your bottom line

Safer, Healthier People


Vault customers have seen a 40% reduction in absenteeism. Our software creates a culture of accountability where employees are more responsive in reporting risks, hazards, injuries and incidents.

Improved Efficiency

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Vault unburdens your staff from time-consuming manual processes like auditing and reporting, storing this data in a secure organised system. Save time and drive efficiency across your business.

Reduced Insurance Premiums


Not only does Vault protect people and make workplaces safer, but the implementation of Vault software has saved companies up to 35% on their insurance premiums.

Customer Stories

Vault has allowed us to bring risk and safety management to life in a really interactive way for our staff. They feel safer, and they feel as though management and the board are really interested in their wellbeing.

Barry Helem, CEO, SPCA Canterbury


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