Protect your assets and grow your business

Enterprise grade tools to protect every aspect of your business

Value every asset and see the returns

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Keep a lifetime of records

Monitor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in your business and allocate items to each employee with unique codes. Never again lose track of your PPE.
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Invest in equipment

See the returns on every items of equipment by monitoring performance, lifespan and maintenance.
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Contain all substances

Keep a close eye on the location, quantities and review dates of all your substances, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Manage Plant & Equipment

  • Maintain a register of plant and equipment by site.

  • Record details including purchasing cost, suppliers and warranties.

  • Track maintenance and inspections completed on plant and equipment.


Manage Transport

  • Ensure all vehicles are serviced and maintained through logging and reporting.

  • Manage a contractor transport register.

  • Maintain your fleet inventories, as well as the mileage of each vehicle and running costs.


Monitor Substances

  • Manage all substances including associated risks, storage locations and categories.

  • Record in detail the underlying composition of each substance.

  • Associate storage compatibility guidelines, training requirements and PPE with substances.


PPE Made Easy

  • Register and categorise PPE.

  • Identify the anatomy that the PPE is protecting.

  • Assign PPE to a specific job function.

  • Keep track of PPE stock by allocating items to individuals.


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