Business Intelligence Reporting

Make better business decisions with our comprehensive Business Intelligence tool.

Keep your decision makers well-informed for better results.

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customise dashboards

Customise Dashboards

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User Friendly for all Skill Levels

  • Vault Business Intelligence uses wizards and standard web navigation, so if you know how to use a web browser, you’ll be comfortable using this tool.

  • With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Business Intelligence Users can easily design interactive reports on demand.

  • Any report can be instantly published for end-users to view, schedule and share.

  • Track KPIs, assign goals, collaborate and securely share knowledge within the business.

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Powerful BI Functions

  • Advanced users can leverage powerful BI functionality by creating sophisticated reports, including calculations, filters and drill analysis.

  • Analyse data from multiple data-sources; both relational and multidimensional.

  • Leverage advanced capabilities, such as percentiles, variances, standard deviations, correlations and trends.

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Mobile & Secure

  • Compatible with smartphones and tablet devices, users are armed with the flexibility and security they need to access business-critical information on demand.

  • In-memory database means faster analytics to access on the go.

  • Our data security model ensures that only authorised users can receive or request certain reports, allowing you to control confidential information whilst still keeping the relevant people up to date.

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