Compliance Management

Create a safety compliant workplace with Vault's enterprise-grade compliance management system.

Stay in control and on track

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Stay efficient

Manage all internal processes, requirements, audits and inspections; ensuring your business is operating according to best practice procedures and guidelines.
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Document everything

Store and maintain all relevant documents in one centralised database.
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Take corrective action

If you notice things going off track, take corrective action immediately based on your performance indicators and operational results.

Manage Toolbox Talks

  • Track activities such as Toolbox Talks and meetings
  • Generate reports from your Toolbox Talks
  • Set up corrective actions and findings 
  • Create accountability

Look after your Workers Health

  • Carry out Health Surveillance reviews to ensure that your workers are healthy
  • Set up review dates with notifications
  • Add in external testing organisations

Manage Workers

  • Create a Skills Matrix for workers, contractors and other parties
  • Edit skill levels to suit your business
  • Select the skill level required for a job and view workers with the required skill level

Manage Documents

  • Create a global library or an individual library of documents
  • Upload any document type
  • View the file online
  • Lock files down to ensure version control

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