Take responsibility with full visibility

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More than management

Manage everything in your business from planning to execution, and assign tasks to ensure your people are held accountable.

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Everything mapped out

Keep your finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening in your business, from strategy to operations. Divide tasks and assign them according to the pillars of operation, risk and activity.

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Maximum visibility

Have full visibility of your entire system with a dashboard that puts you in control of all functions and actions. With Vault at your side, leave nothing to chance.

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Visual Business Intelligence

  • View graphs, trends and dashboards from a central database.

  • Customise your own reports or select from over 100 pre-built 'best-of-breed' reports, including injury reports, employee training schedules and performance audits.

  • Export your reports in multiple formats, including: CSV, DOC, PDF, RTF Text and XLS.

  • Share reports efficiently with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Visual Governance

  • View your own corporate and operational governance and drill down to view each individual item.

  • See the governance items you are accountable for.

  • Keep track of the governance items that you’ve assigned to others.

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Integrated Planning and Feedback

  • Keep all your planning in one place with a visual overview of your events, your calendar and your reminders.

  • Proactively manage all your key systems, from quality and safety plans to health, safety and risk management services.

  • See at a glance all feedback items including complaints, commendations, issues and ideas.



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