Your people are the lifeblood of your business

Manage workers, contractors, training and claims

Invest in your people and business will flourish

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Take care of the details

When an injury occurs, it's the little details that can be crucial. Vault is able to capture and record specific details of an injury, allowing you to respond to an incident with empathy and transparency. From documenting the injury, recording witness statements and managing claims, to tracking weekly benefits and implementing a return-to-work procedure, Vault has your business and your people covered.
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Empower with training

Vault's training module allows you to create, schedule and record formal training courses and enter historical training information. You can also record any item linked with a qualification, such as inductions and licenses. Keep the skills and knowledge of your people fresh with training and certification updates.
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Keep track of contractors

Use an approved contractor register to manage all contracted companies and people. Manage the relevant insurances, training and inductions so that third parties are controlled by your Health & Safety system.

Manage People

  • Generate claim forms for every state in Australia.

  • Use auto-populating forms to issue workers’ compensation.

  • Get the relevant forms to the right people – immediately.

  • Manage personnel records including training, medical and inductions.

  • Record any third-party people who may become involved in an incident while on site.


Manage Qualifications and Training

  • Use VQUAL to track the competencies of your employees and contractors and measure these against required training.

  • Manage all your employees’ and volunteers’ records, including training, medical and inductions.

  • Use the VSync tool to synchronise employee records with your HR or payroll system.


Manage Contractors

  • Put the onus on contractors to self-manage themselves via a contractor portal
  • Create pre-qualifications and questions 
  • Require contractors to upload documents and licences
  • Manage subcontractors

Manage Claims

  • Manage claims from end-to-end
  • Look after offers of suitable employment, weekly benefits and injury management
  • Generate ACC Report (New Zealand)
  • Manage a return to work program

Manage Health and Wellness

  • Integrated with Vault Solo to provide mental health and wellness training
  • Comprehensive assessments with customised mental health training for individuals
  • Improved productivity with a positive ROI 

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