Crisis Management

Coordinate, manage and protect your workforce in crisis situations

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How Vault Solo helps your team navigate unpredictable work environments

Vault Solo is a SaaS-based solution that leverages web-based dashboards, smartphones and wearables to empower and support mobile workforces whether they are onsite, deployed locally, overseas, travelling, working remotely or in isolation.
When there is need to implement a business decision that calls for greater remote working capabilities, such as the recent case of the COVID - 19 outbreak, a comprehensive SaaS solution can be a powerful tool for ensuring business continuity.

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Get accurate and auditable details of your team’s movements through geofencing and beacon technology.

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Communicate, coordinate and collaborate in real-time to sustain and operate your business through any crisis.

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Get real-time insights into the wellness, status and deployment of your workforce with instant reports and alerts on their condition and wellness.

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View detailed data visualisations to make informed decisions about your team and respond swiftly to any issues.

Supporting businesses through times of crisis

The obligation on management increases not only during times of crisis, but as legislative changes demand a stronger focus on worker safety. This is what Vault does best - supporting businesses through times of crisis.

Along with operational benefits, Vault Solo allows you to

  • Make sure your people are truly okay anywhere, anytime and any place to give them the help and response they need.
  • Connect with whoever, whenever and wherever to give your teams the visibility to stay connected, no matter what.
  • Give your people peace of mind, and be there when they need you, instantly, whether it be a collision, a fall, a dangerous situation, or just checking in. Your people are never alone.
  • Capture real time insights to help make smarter business decisions.

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