Using real-time data to improve driver safety


SoloDrive is making our roads safer through intelligent software.

  • Low cost and instant deployment: No need for additional hardware or software to be procured or installed.
  • SoloDrive harnesses the sensors in the smartphone your drivers already use.
  • Vault Solo is the only lone worker solution in the market with Smartphone-based vehicle collision detection & driver behaviour monitoring capability.
  • No configuration required: Once enabled at the account level, all Solo workers using the mobile app will have SoloDrive.
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Respond in seconds, when every second counts

Accidents can happen and the response time can be the most critical factor...
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Respond in seconds with Collision Detection


Collision Detection

Keep your workers safe with our collision detection software. We automatically detect when a vehicle has been involved in a collision so that help can be dispatched immediately where necessary. 
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Driver Behaviour

Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, SoloDrive will now monitor driving behaviour incidents for individual workers as well as fleets/teams. With this information, SoloDrive can be used to monitor bad/risky drivers and identify coaching opportunities to help make drivers safer to ultimately reduce the probability of collisions.

90% of collisions are due to human error.

SoloDrive can identify when a worker is inside a moving vehicle and if specific driving-related incidents occur during each SoloDrive trip. These include:

  • Phone use whilst driving
  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Hard Cornering
  • Speeding
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